5 Best Perfumes For Women That Men Love In 2018

best perfumes for women that men love

Have you already known the best perfumes for women that men love this year? In the trend, there will be a delicate fragrance of violets, romantic roses, and agarwood ingredients. But that’s not all. In 2018, fresh green compositions, unisex perfumes and special aromatic notes of rare ingredients will prevail.

Today’s Post will Discuss “5 Best Perfumes For Women That Men Love In 2018”

Extreme Freshness

Extreme Freshness

Do you know the fresh scent of green leaves, fragrant basil, cool cucumbers or softwood aromas of oakmoss? It will give a wonderful sense of freshness both in the spring and in the summer. Add green chords to the roses, which will become the main components of this year, and you will definitely be in the trend.

In the cool season, wrap yourself with a rich and heavy aroma of agarwood ingredients or delicately spicy notes of perfume.

Unisex Without Borders

best unisex perfumes for women

Fashion trend – the lack of frontiers between women’s and men’s fashion, And consequently, the growing popularity of unisex perfumes. Share unisex perfumes with your partner. In this case, the aroma of each of you will be different.

Numerous aromas of unisex can be found primarily among niche perfumes. And they, with their unique composition and non-traditional compositions, will be extremely popular this year.

Confidence Rate

freshness perfumes

Do not forget about perfumery bestsellers, about which choice it is impossible to make mistakes this year. The best female perfumes from the brands Chloé or Yves Saint Laurent certainly will not get lost in your cosmetic bag.

Flower-tree aroma of Chloé perfumes with its emphasis on femininity and seduction is just immortal. The same can be said about the luxurious fragrances of the French brand Yves Saint Laurent. Hits of this brand are Confident Opium, Floral Paris or vanilla aroma Cinéma – bestsellers, unaffected by the action of time.

The Best Perfume For Women In 2018

1) Chanel No. 5 L’eau


This Perfume was probably the most anticipated year-round aroma. Chanel No. 5 L’eau – a legend, revolutionary perfume at the time of its creation.
In 1921, when in fashion there were mono-scents of roses or jasmine, the perfumer Ernest Bo came up with add to the roses and jasmine aldehydes, so that “women smelled like a woman”

2) DKNY Be Desired

DKNY Be Desired

Take a stroll to the New York City Gardens with this perfumes. Elements of trendy violets and roses combined with fruit chords, fresh jasmine, and notes of cashmere wood make it an ideal scent for a modern woman.

This perfumes will make your day brighter and create a mood of summer stroll through flowering flowerbeds. Perfect for everyday use.

3) Marc Jacobs Decadence

Marc Jacobs Decadence

Give yourself the temptation of the decadent aroma of Marc Jacobs Decadence. The design of an elegant green perfume bottle is made in the form of one of Marc Jacobs’s wristbands. Sweet plum, Bulgarian rose, and a touch of vetiver and amber.

Perfectly selected composition for a woman who knows what she wants. Perfect perfumes for use in the cool season and evenings.

4) Chloé Chloé

Chloé Chloé perfumes

Chloe Chloe floral powder aroma is one of the most famous women’s fragrances in general. And no wonder. In a luxurious bottle with a ribbon, elegant notes of freesia, peonies, roses, and magnolias are hidden that will envelop you with a refined aroma throughout the day. An excellent choice for women who like style and ingenuity.

5) Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

The release of adrenaline for all brave women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. This fragrances from the first sight will draw attention to an extravagant vial.

Black, shimmering, with a distinctive pink logo in the middle. The scent of the perfume is warm and spicy.

You will feel the notes of red pepper, coffee, and sweet vanilla. Aroma for long dance evenings.

The Best Perfume For Men In 2018

1) Lacoste Essential

Lacoste Essential

Fills with confidence, recharges cheerfulness and creates a sense of ease. Lacoste Essential Men’s Perfumes – Perfect for sports and other entertainment. Refreshes you with the aroma of citrus, leaves of tomatoes and blackcurrant and will infuse your feelings with the composition of rose, patchouli, and sandalwood.

It is very much Ideal for active independent men who enjoy life.

2) Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Perfume with notes of wood and spices is a fragrance for a smart, elegant man. As the name suggests, the aromas are dominated by the accents of rare agar wood, which give the spirits of oriental color.

The combination of agarwood, skin, and spices creates a strong aroma, which has almost an aphrodisiac effect.

3) Calvin Klein Eternity For Men

Calvin Klein Eternity For Men perfumes

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men – one of the most popular in the market of perfumes. Despite the fact that Calvin Klein came out in 1989, their name, fame, and popularity are appropriately called eternal.

These perfumes include fresh flavors of green plants, shades of fragrant basil, soothing lavender and wild jasmine.

At the core, notes of sandalwood and pink wood are felt. This is a courageous and sexy fragrance for everyday use.

4) Davidoff Cool Water Man

Davidoff Cool Water Man

Like Eternity perfumes, This perfume belongs to the group of the most popular fragrances. Notes of oak moss, lavender, and jasmine have a calming effect on your body.

Feel the refreshing aroma of mint, fresh green, and sea water after applying perfume. Enjoy this beautiful, refreshing scent of pure nature.

5) Giorgio Armani Si

Giorgio Armani Si

The luxurious Giorgio Armani Si perfume has an incredible flower-tree flavor with a distinct tint of blackcurrant and vanilla. The face of these perfumes is the beautiful Kate Blanchett. Say “Si” and involve yourself in this attractive flavor with a peculiar Italian style.

The Best Unisex Perfumes

1) Comme Des Garcons Amazingreen

Comme Des Garcons Amazingreen best perfumes for women

The refined, trendy fragrance with notes of greens from the niche brand Comme Des Garcons combines organic and mineral aspects that will strike you with a squall of fresh green energy.

Palm leaves, green pepper, ivy and sparkling powder in the perfect composition that will attract women and men who want originality and individuality.  Therefore Amazingreen is a vivid aroma that is suitable for everyday use.

2) Creed Acqua Originale Asian Green Tea

Creed Acqua Originale Asian Green Tea best perfumes for women

This Unisex is an ode to a vibrant green beauty of nature. They contain a refined aroma of citrus with an original note of green tea and trendy violet.

With this scent, you will feel the freshness of Malaysian nature and enjoy its unique atmosphere. Attracts refined packing with golden decoration. An ideal magnificent gift for men and women.

New Products Of Perfumery In 2018

what new products this year will soon appear in our market? Miu Miu presents a beautiful aroma of green and floral heart l’Eau Bleue, which captures the lively notes of the lily of the valley.

Miu Miu

The Eccentric Molecules series of niche fragrances will add the long-awaited Escentric 04 perfumes, in which you will discover a unique composition of chandelier sandalwood, rose, juniper or fresh grapefruit.

Escentric 04 perfumes

And The Brand Amouage?

He created Bracken fragrances, which uniquely combine the shades of green ferns, trees with fresh fruits, notes of patchouli and musk. Setting the endpoint, let’s recollect the new perfume Jimmy Choo L’Eau: a delicate aroma of hibiscus, bergamot, nectarine, and peonies.

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