3 Easy Way For How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Marks


There are a lot of Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Marks.
But today’s post I will be talking about the easiest one, which is home remedies. There are three different home remedies that we can try and get rid of acne marks.

These Are the 3 things that I have been using ever since I was a teenager. At that time I had the most horrible moment with pimples and blemishes if I had not been doing this remedy then my skin would not have been as clear as it is now.

I mean It’s not perfect, But it’s still in good condition even after having to delete an Acne-prone skin said this might be helpful to some of you.
So Keep Reading.

These Are the 3 things that can find easily found at home which are:-

1) Coffee
2) Honey
3) Lemon

1) Grounds Coffee

Grounds Coffee has a lot of benefits for your skin.
Coffee not only helps to reduce cellulite but also acts as a natural exfoliator that has anti-inflammatory properties that improve circulation, Reduce Puffy Eyes and when used as a regular exfoliator It will eventually fade acne marks Resulting in a beautiful and smooth Skin.

How To Use:-

You can mix 1 tbsp of ground coffee with a 1 tbsp of honey If you have oily skin Or combined with a 1 tbsp of Extra virgin olive oil if you have dry skin.
You can apply this method 2 or 3 times a week.

2) Pure Honey

Honey Can be used to treat not only acne scars but also acne itself. It is gentle on your skin and reduces redness and Irritation.
Honey contains antibacterial properties which help to fade Acne scarring and dark marks.

It is moisturising and makes your skin soft.
A few done with this skincare routine.


Take a 1 tbsp of Honey and apply Directly Onto the mark area at night and wash off in the morning.

3) Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice has Natural skin bleaching properties, so this will also help defeat any dark marks Left by acne.

I know some of you might hesitate about using lemon on the skin, but I have been using them as a natural exfoliate a for years, and I do not have any problems with it, in fact, it makes skin brighter.
but if the skin is already very sensitive then stay away from it. Anyway, this is another story it’s about feeding Only to acne marks.


Lemon juice alone is too strong, so u need to dilute with an equal amount of Water.
Take a cue tip and apply only To the scar.
Leave it on for about 15-20 min and rinse With water and follow up with your regular skincare routine.


When using lemon on your skin, you will definitely feel a little bit of stinging sensation even if the skin Is not sensitive.

These are the 3 Easy at home remedies that you can try.

Note:- However keep in mind that this takes time so please be patient if you are young, acne marks usually fade away in few months by itself, but if you add these acne scar remedies, Then there will be extra help.